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Arris hits the ground running!

Well we did it…we got this thing off of the ground! Just getting around to writing our first post as we start our second full week of operation here in March of 2019. It’s really been a great feeling for both of us to meet up everyday at my house and work together in a minimized/simpler environment. We’re starting to get into our first projects which is exciting to figure out the optimal work flow for Arris.

Each of us brings different strengths to the table so I feel we have a great perspective to tackle the project challenges as they arise. We’ve received so many encouraging words from an array of different people in the industry that it really reinforces our decision to do this. We look forward to providing a level of service and experience from a small nimble firm that we feel is missing right now in the Portland market.

Thanks to everyone for helping us along the way!

Until next time,



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