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Engineering solutions that innovate, inspire, and ignite change.

We commit our expertise in mechanical engineering, plumbing systems, energy modeling, and computational fluid dynamics towards building stronger, more sustainable, and more connected communities.

Mechanical Engineering



Offering HVAC design services for a wide array of commercial, residential, and institutional project types, we specialize in engineering high performance systems that incorporate both resiliency and sustainability, while also being cost effective. We provide design of systems ranging from small unitary and packaged equipment, to large central chilled and heating water plants—and we offer a full array of scope options from design build/ design assist through full design, including construction administration. Arris continually strives to innovate whenever possible to improve HVAC system energy efficiency and performance while always listening closely to the client’s needs and goals for the project.

  • Heating/ventilation and air conditioning

  • Central chiller and heating plants

  • Heat recovery systems

  • Specialty distribution systems: chilled beams, displacement ventilation, underfloor air distribution (UFAD)

Arris team working in office at computers



We leverage a collaborative design approach between plumbing contractors, owners, architects, engineers, and general contractors to develop plumbing systems that meets the client’s vision for aesthetics, performance, and budget. Focusing on innovative and environmentally friendly plumbing design solutions for all types of construction, our systems include:

  • Domestic water, waste and vent distribution, and treatment for commercial buildings of all types

  • Rainwater harvesting systems

  • Commercial kitchen grease waste collection and treatment

  • Domestic hot water generation including Heat Pump Water Heating systems

  • Multi-pressure zone system design for high rise applications

  • NFPA 99, dental gas, air, and vacuum system design


Energy Modeling

We pride ourselves on collaborating with the entire design team to ensure that owners and clients understand the real-world implications of design decisions. Namely, how they affect building energy consumption and environmental impact. By getting involved early, we can offer insights and solutions that contribute throughout the life of the project, presenting a clear path towards achieving energy and sustainability goals.

  • Whole building energy modeling

  • Energy incentive documentation

  • Envelope code compliance

  • Life-cycle cost analysis

  • Renewable energy system modeling


LEED & Sustainability

We are firm believers in environmentally friendly, highly efficient, and cost-saving buildings, and many of our clients reach out for guidance on how to best navigate LEED certification and energy incentive program documentation. With years of experience helping maximize potential LEED credits and incentive funds for projects, we're always eager to assist and help maximize benefits, while steadily keeping sustainable design practices at the forefront of our process.

  • Early design assistance

  • LEED documentation

  • Energy incentive documentation

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