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Meet the dogs of Arris

At Arris, we're a dog-friendly firm and welcome our four-legged friends to join us in the office. They do a great job of lifting our spirits, greeting our visitors, and keeping things interesting! We'd like you to meet our three most regular co-workers: Ernie, Nova, and Pippi.

We weren't sure if Ernie (right) was a baby giraffe or a Mexican street dog when he was adopted by Kara in 2021. When he's not staring out windows he can be found sprinting chaotically around the office, sticking his nose where you would least expect it.

Nova, in the middle, is a certified Supermutt adopted by Andrew and his wife Alexandra in the early summer of 2023. She likes hanging with her dog buddies and trying to jump into people's laps unexpectedly.

Pippi, in the cape, was found running at-large in central California in 2016 and came to live with Victoria and her husband Ed. Tests confirm that she is 10% "wolfy" and 100% sassy.

Timber was born in 2015 but still has her puppy cute looks.  She’s a multi breed but identifies as hyena.  She was brought into James and Donna’s home when the last of their daughters moved out and has quickly became a part of the family.


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