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Portland Community College, Opportunity Center @ 42nd Ave.

Higher Education

Portland Community College is establishing a new Portland Opportunity Center @ 42nd Avenue, which will serve as a central hub for the community in the racially diverse Cully neighborhood of Northeast Portland. This new center aims to replace the existing facility and provide opportunities for low-income families and residents, empowering them through education and access to well-paying jobs. The building features an all-electric HVAC and Plumbing system including a roof mounted air-to-water heat pump system that feeds thermal storage tanks in the building. From there heating and chilled water are pumped to a combination of rooftop heat recovery ventilators, perimeter radiant in-slab heating as well as sensible cooling fan terminal units. Domestic hot water usage is reduced via low-flow plumbing fixtures and an air source heat pump domestic water heater.


Portland, OR


Bora Architecture & Interiors


50,000 SF


Path to Net Zero Program Participant

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